Time is a river without banks

Starting today, once a month or so, I am going to write my harf-baked, gloomy, and unintelligent thoghts in English to improve my shit languege skill. I think almost everyone visiting here is Japanese so only a few people can understand what I am writing, but it is not a thing for me. Perhaps it works rather better because that means, to some degree, I can write whatever I want here as long as it is in English. You (if no one reads this blog as my guess who is "you"?) may well say that I shoud buy a notebook to practice English and to write literaly anything if I am actually afraid of someone's eye, sounds right, but that is just not my style. I have loved to express myself through blogs since I was a cute secondary school kid. Anyway let's get started.


1. Simplified

Time flies like an arrow. Two years and a harf have passed since I graduated from university and got an full time job. There were too many twists and turns over the last two years though.

Compared with two years ago, I have lost interest in many things once I enjoyed. My life is really simplified now. Just a few years ago, I loved to play games competitively, loved to listen to various genres of music, loved to study the history of Christianity and theology which were my majors, loved to see painting arts at museum, loved to talk with my girlfriend, and loved to do serious consideration about things which may not be answered easiely and clearly. In addition, I had a part time job as a cram teacher, I had some university homework, et cetera, et cetera...

In contrast, things I am doing these days are to work at same office, to enjoy (not competitively) some PC games with same friends, and to get to sleep at the same hour. That is everything consists of me now. This may sound negatively for some of you but I actually enjoy the simple life now. In fact, I had a sleeping disorder a few years ago, which was never improved during my university life, but now I can sleep whenever I want to sleep at night. Having enough sleep is just great, I can say without any doubt that I have certainly better mental health compared to before.

At the same time, however, I am feeling like I am now a totally different person with same name and same face as I was in university. I believed the interest listed above was my identity, but my heart is not moved by those things any more. Then who am I at the present time? Or, conversely, who was I at that time?


2. Water

Japan is in early summer now. The temperature is already too hot to go outside. Forgetting to hydrate inevitably leads to a ghastly demise. So I am forced to go convenience store and grab a drink every single time I go out.

Coke and ice coffee have been my favorite choices for a long time, but recently I found a strong challenger who could possibly make inroads into the two. Her* name is Sugar-free Sparkling Water. Sugar-free Sparkling Water is basically water, so I do not need to care anything to drink, my weight and caffeine for example, which is nice. She also makes me enjoy and refreash by the fizzy mouthfeel. Sounds like perfect.

As for the taste, at first I did not like it so much, but I am feeling so-so after some tries. I remember coke and coffee were also like the case of sparkling water. At first I disliked their tastes but I love them now. What does this indicate?


*I googled and found that the word "water" is female as grammatical gender in French language, so I used "her"  as a pronoun of sparkling water. I do not know whether this is correct in English or not.